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International projects:

Funded projects:

  • Descent into the Icehouse
    Funding: NERC
    Aim: To investigate the causes and consequences of global cooling from 50 million years ago until the onset of Antarctic glaciation around 35 million years ago.
    Participants: Dan Lunt

  • Past4Future
    Funding: EU FP7
    Aim: To explore the Last Interglacial and in particular its relevance for understanding future climate change.
    Participants: Dan Lunt

  • MedGATE
    Funding: EU FP7
    Aim: MEDGATE is an EU Framework 7 funded Marie Curie Initial Training Network which aims to reconstruct the flow patterns between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, 5-10 million years ago, when ~6% of the world's sea salt precipitated in the Mediterranean.
    Participants: Rachel Flecker,Dan Lunt